IP Access Control & Time Attendance

Controlling access to your buildings or specific areas within them can be a very effective way of preventing breaches of security. timeattendance

StartNet can help you to create a secure physical environment, preventing unauthorized access and managing potential threats with technologies such as Biometric Identification Devices, RFID and Smartcard.

Our services include Project Management from audit and risk assessment to the deployment of hardware and access control software suited to your particular environment.

We provide solutions that secure buildings using IP-based tech­ neologies, and our experts can help you to optimize your IP network, your cabling and your internal connections between access control, video surveillance and VoIP telephony.

In addition we can help you to link your access control and video surveillance systems. so that they are displayed in a single interface with relevant information from cameras and the access control system linked to give greater detail and clarity over a particular incident.



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